The Elder Scrolls Online's player housing system launches on PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in February, 2017.

Homestead, included free with ESO's next major game update, introduces the long-anticipated player housing system. It also includes furniture crafting and robust home decoration options.

With nearly 40 unique homes spread throughout many zones in the base game. Homes can be found in a variety of interesting locations across Tamriel, and each is available for purchase. To choose from over 2,000 individual decorative and furniture options to make each home truly unique. Homestead will allow you to make Tamriel your own like never before.

In addition to this massive new system, Homestead also add Master Crafting Writs, four new Motifs, and updated several sources of itemization in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. Also Update 13 put a focus on improving the balance across all classes and skills.

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Thieves Guild, the first official DLC Game pack of 2016 for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, launches on PC/Mac on March 7th, Xbox One on March 22nd, and PlayStation®4 on March 23rd.

With this Update 9, you get access to Hew's Bane in southern Hammerfell, the port city of Abah's Landing, and The Maw of Lorkhaj, a challenging New 12-player Trial. 

  *The first ESO Trial that is available in Normal and Veteran versions and scales to the group leader's level.

 There will be also a new passive skill line, a new Larceny System that includes repeatable activities such as heists, pickpocketing, stealing, and more. Two new delves, Bahraha's Gloom and Shark's Teeth Grotto, featuring all-new challenges and rewards. Powerful new gear, unique crafting styles, and other rewards inspired by the Thieves Guild.

A breath of fresh air?

Aksovar a posted Nov 26, 15

We all know the 15 year old formula that 99% of the mmorpg's, both released and under construction,have in place. Progress your toon trough a series of zones following your quest for the greater good ( or evil ), and while doing so get overwhelmed by a higher level NPC and fight your way to an early grave. Luckily all the mmorpg's have their safety system in place so players wouldn't have to reroll a new toon every time they decide to meet up with the scharp edge of mr. death's scythe. Beware, because your life of luxury has ended!

After last month's reveal on "Chronicles of Elyria" ( further referenced as CoE ) has been topping the most anticipated charts on their site and will probably keep doing so the more information they'll be leaking out over the following months about the core gameplay of the game. CoE is a game that wants to innovate and it starts doing that by shocking the players upon revealing their game; upon dying in the wolrd of Elyria you'll be meeting your faith permanently. It doesn't end here tho, you'll be starting your character at an age of 12,14 or +18 years and you'll be aging over time while playing the game. So eventually everyone will meet the same faith ( sounds familiar right? ), how soon will be depending on the choice of profession during your toon's life.
( death is not instant, it's a choice of your opponent , read more here : Incapacitation, Death & Spirit Walking )


One may ask now how can you progress, how will you do something meaningfull that will shape your character like done in the traditional mmorpg's. For a detailed explanation i'd refer you to the following page : Souls, Skills and Talents.
In a nutshell, you'll be having a soul that connects your characters from life to life, you can expect to gain skill by doing doing actions in the gameworld as seen in the elder scrolls games ( current known skills are : Fighting, Crafting, Survival and Deviant ), the higher your skill is upon dying, the faster you'll be leveling that skill on your next life, and freeing up time to invest time in other skills in that life. Your soul will also have a chance to trigger a talent ( examples : Travel, Shapeshifting, Healing, Animal Speak, Planes Walking ) by doing action in the game world, once unlocked this talent will be bound to your soul and be unlocked ( and able to level it ) on your newborn characters on that same soul.

Other features in CoE currently worth being hyped about are explained on their website :
Binding contracts between players 
Detailed crafting system 
Technology & Research
Player housing & Architecture 
Maps & Cartography
Equipment & Inventory managment

Also worth mentioning is that they are using their own engine and already provide some really nice ingame screenshots of their project on

The team behind CoE is currently looking for 20.000 members on their website as a goal to start their kickstarter campaign to get more funds in. So go over there and register; if you do register please be so friendly to use my code F5B8D3 as referral code. This will grant me points which will up my ranking, the higher the rank, the higher chance to have a taste of the game during alpha.

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